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About Bodrum

    Bodrum, known in antiquity as Halicarnassus, is now a lively holiday resort. Nature and history embrace each other on the peninsula. Bodrum's castle (built by the Knights of St. John in the early 15th Century), site of the Mausoleum (one of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World), Museum of Underwater Archaeology, Amphitheater (The Mausolus started and finally finished by the Romans), and shopping centers and beaches.

 The big hearted sponge divers, captains who are in love with sea, the fishermen, the white washed houses, the purple flowering bougainvillaea that climb the walls, the clean coves and most of all the long entertaining nights that stretch to dawn in the city.

Bodrum's fame, especially within Turkey is often associated with its nights, as every night during the season is an ecstatic fiesta. Many people enjoy the daytime pleasures of sun-kissed beaches and carefree exploration and come back; but many come back, again and again, for Bodrum by night.

Bodrum is well-known for its clubs and discos which present exotic floor-shows with noted artists and latest hits. Dancing in Bodrum is not confined to their premises, frequently spilling into the streets.

Concerts in the historic Castle or   the    Amphitheatre or let music be from boats in bays   under    the stars make many Bodrum residents   remember 'the    good old days' with nostalgia. Those   who long for the nocturnal scenes however can still    find them in the    vicinity of Bodrum's villages and   towns.


Gumusluk retains a small-scale, relaxed and magical atmospheree thanks to strictly enforced building prohibitions, designed to protect the ancient site. The charming flower-bedecked houses follow the curve of a small and pretty bay. Gumusluk is the perfect antidote for modern-day living, it’s a great place to unwind in an idyllic setting. The wonderful shelter of the bay provides a natural harbor for yachts and local fishing boats, the waterfront restaurants enjoy a reputation for excellent fresh fish amongst the Turks as far away as Istanbul. Gumusluk is famed amongst many famous Turkish actors, artists and musicians who frequent the bay during the summer months.

Rabbit Island separates the two well-sheltered bays of Gumusluk and is accessible by a partially sunken causeway. The Island offers a magnificent panorama of the bay, a glimpse of the famous rabbits scurrying around and for those of you feeling more adventurous, great rock jumping from the many rock formations!

Yalikavak is  a neat and tidy village with the most beautiful panorama of the whole peninsula. The natural bay is extraordinary and charming,  18 km from Bodrum,

Due to the increased interest in property in Yalikavak, the once sleepy fishing village is growing into a major centre on the peninsula whilst still retaining its charm. It now boosts three major supermarkets, local clinics (public and private) and a number of hotels open all year round offering cinema, jazz nights, yoga etc for both local residents and visitors.  This part of the peninsula is also known for its clean air, crystal clear Turquoise waters and stunning sunsets.

A perfect marina complex operating throughout the year with all marina services available opened in Yalikavak two years ago.  



 "The Land of Lights"

The bays of Bodrum and Gökova in Muğla have become favourite spots for the stars of the world. Famous statesmen, artists, businessmen and sportsmen have been visiting these extraordinarily beautiful bays in their yachts worth trillions and have started buying villas in the heavenly areas of Gökova. Governor of Muğla, Hüseyin Aksoy, said that the great interest indicated by the famous people for the region had been a great promotional contribution.

Especially in the last few years the star of Bodrum and Gökova has been shining brilliantly. The Aegean vacations of famous visitors in ultra luxurious yachts and sailing boats caused other prominent names to look to these coasts. World-renowned individuals started renting floating palaces at a daily rate of 100-150 thousand dollars, ranging from vessels of 100-150 meters long, mini submarines, helicopters and yachts worth millions of dollars with swimming pools, movie houses and all similar luxuries for vacations covering the area between Bodrum and Gökova, Datça, Marmaris and Fethiye which contributed hugely to the promotion and the economic development of the region. The number of luxurious yachts arriving in the area within one year is over 1200.

Catherine Deneuve, Tom Hanks, Mick Jaegger, Dustin Hoffman, Pamela Anderson, Kid Rock, Adriana Karembeu, Franz Beckenbauer, Bo Derek, Gerd Müller, Bon Jovi, Enrique Iglesias, Paul Newman, Jennifer Lopez, Tina Turner, Prince El Hassan of Jordan, Nicole Kidman, Zidane, Hassan El Bin Tallal, the Saudi Arabian King, are among the prominent names who have chosen this area for their vacation.

The renowned stars of the world used to spend their vacations along the Spanish coast and Greek islands once, but when they discovered the Bodrum and Gökova coves a few years ago, it was noted that they started enjoying the safety of the Aegean coastline adorned with natural and cultural wonders, staying a number of months in Bodrum every year.

The Saudi Arabian princes bought villas at the Yalıkavak district while Claudia Roth, the ex-president of the German Green Party, bought a villa at the Gündoğan district.

Bodrum and the coves there also became a centre of attraction for photographs in catalogues and promotional films of renowned firms of the world. Famous models started coming to the coves of Bodrum to shoot films for catalogues. Outstanding documentary channels such as the National Geographic, History Channel and Discovery Channel chose this region for their films and numerous Greek yachting agencies included the coves of Bodrum and Gökova in their tour programmes for the first time this year, sending luxurious yachts to this area.

The Governor of Muğla, Hüseyin Aksoy, stated that the relative endeavours and sub structural preparations were under way to spread naval tourism to 12 months of the year and that the marinas at Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye were providing services for yacht tourism in higher standards compared with the rest of the world. Governor Aksoy made the following comments about recent developments:

“By virtue of the new landing facilities at Bodrum and Güllük as well as through our promotional activities in international fairs, we were able to draw the attention of famous and affluent tourists of the world to our coastline. The billionaires are greatly impressed by the natural and cultural wealth of our coastline and recommend it to their acquaintances, while they also leave a considerable amount of foreign exchange in our country. Many famous and affluent tourists, spending their holidays here see for themselves that this region is safer than other parts of the world. They get to know the Turkish people more closely. Our city has become a centre of attraction and we are now working on plans to benefit more from yacht tourism in the forthcoming years. “




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