In past years, mobile photos were blurry and nothing much to celebrate. As technology evolved, mobile phone creators upped their game and improved the quality of their cameras. Granted, taking photos with a good quality digital camera is always better but, that is not to say that you can’t take a great picture with your phone. Just follow the tips below to improve your technique and the overall quality of your images:

  • Try moving closer to your subject instead of zooming in

Whether you are taking a selfie or taking a picture of someone else, it’s always best to physically move your phone closer to the subject. Zooming in digitally normally leads to poorer quality images and leaves them looking kind of blurry. Moving physically, however, ensures that you retain your fine detail while also improving on the final quality of the picture.

  • Keep your lens clean

Unlike digital cameras, mobile phone lenses are always on full display which makes them more susceptible to dirt. The dirtier the lens becomes, the greater the impact it has on the quality of your images. We recommend investing in a special cloth to wipe any dirt off and if you want, you can also buy a special cleaning product to remove any stubborn dirt. It’s a small step but it’s crucial if you want to take good pictures.

  • Swap filters for editing software

In 2019, using filters is seen as cheap and something inexperienced youngsters do. If you want pictures that are more natural looking and mature, we recommend letting go of filters and investing in some quality editing software such as iPhoto and Photoshop Express. Just remember to keep the editing to a reasonable amount so that your pictures don’t look too airbrushed.

  • Take horizontal pictures

We mentioned in a previous article that good photos were vertical photos. While this may be true for using a digital camera, we recommend switching things up for mobile photos. Vertical photography on your phone creates small, unappealing finished images which reflects poorly on social media platforms in particular. It’s best to keep your pictures horizontal if you want fuller and clearer results.

  • Change your angles up

There is nothing wrong with the standard center shot photos but, if you are taking selfies for example, switching up angles can improve your pictures. Try something different like holding your camera up at a tilted angle or even taking pictures from a sideview or bottom view for different, more exciting finishes.

  • Leave the flash alone

Unless you enjoy photos with red eyes, yellow skin and other unflattering touches, you should keep the flash on your mobile off at all times. In general, using natural light is always a better option as it creates a more flattering finish and if you are in a dark space, try using a professional light or wait for better conditions to take your pictures.

  • Replace the shutter button with the volume button

This tip is to help you maintain a sturdy hand when taking your pictures which in turn, results in more balanced results. Next time you want to take a good photo without shaky hands, use the “up” option on your volume buttons.


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Taking a good picture with your mobile phone is not that difficult but a few simple mistakes can ruin your pictures….Learn all the handy tips you need to keep in mind to improve the quality of your mobile pictures…..